Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Ramadan 2017 Buffet Putrajaya @ Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort Selangor - Mystical Ramadan

Savour one of the best Ramadan Buffets around Putrajaya at the Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort City as they proudly present the Mystical Ramadan Buffet 2017 with the popular Ramadan buffet starting from the 27 May 2017 until 22 June 2017.

Palm Garden Hotel
The Palm Cafe
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 - 8943 2233

Heading the culinary team, Sous Chef Endarawan Bin Mohd Sidek and Mohd Faizul Bin Muhammad together with their team prepares a sumptuous fare of Kampung flavours cuisine from all over Malaysia and delicious international selections to entice diners taste buds.

Check out Palm Cafe spacious & comfortable dining of their newly refurbished all-day-dining 
restaurant cum cafe with their classy and modern setting.

You can start off your breaking of fast right by checking out their wide selection of Western and local appetisers such as ulam-ulam and kerabu.

Ramadan Buffet 2017 at Palm Garden Hotel is all about varieties and mouth-watering flavours as they bring you live cooking stations and the famous 'kawah' dishes like the Soup Gear Box

'Kawah' Dish Of Fish Head Curry

The Signature Roast BBQ Lamb Middle Eastern Style

Ikan Bakar Corner - you can take your selection to be grill ala-minute.

Selections Of Gravy & Noodles Corner

The following are some of the Mystical Ramadan main courses starting with the Curry Chicken With Potatoes

Kambing Masak Kicap

Daging Masak Merah Thai Style

 Udang Goreng Kandar

Kam Heong Bamboo Clams

Sotong Tumis Berempah

Ikan Sembilang Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api

Thai Fish Cake With Thai Sauce

Palm Garden Hotel's Mystical Ramadan 2017 Buffet offers more than 80 variety of cuisine from appetisers to desserts on a daily basis. No dessert spread would be complete during the Ramadan buffet without the local sweet treats of Malay kuih-muih.

Those with a sweet tooth can dig into the different types of cakes, pies and pastries to complete their dining experience at The Palm Cafe.

You will be entertained by the talented Mahligai Ghazal band belting out traditional and modern numbers setting up the mood for a joyous Ramadan dinner.

The Mystical Ramadan Is Priced At:
RM 95Nett Per adult & RM 57Nett Per child
Early Bird Vouchers ( While Stocks Last )
RM 85Nett Per adult & RM 51Nett Per child
From May 27th to June 2, 2017

For more information & reservations, please call Palm Garden Hotel at 603 - 8943 2233
During the Ramadan month, you can organise your Private Ramadan Buffet as well as Hari Raya Celebrations at our multi-sized function rooms. Their catering team is over ready to cater your event at your office, home or outdoor venue.

RATES FOR MEETINGS/ROOM STAYS   ( From May 27 to 2 July 2017)

Ramadan @ Raya meeting Package - Full Day RM 115Nett Per Person
(Include Ramadan Buffet for Muslims & 2 Coffee Breaks & 1 Lunch For Non-Muslims)
Room Package - RM 199Nett Per Night in Heliconia Room (Inclusive of 2 Sahur or Buffet Breakfasts - Individual Bookings Only)

Palm Garden Hotel The Palm Cafe IOI Resort City Location Address Map

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Embassy Cafe At The Starling Mall Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya

The Embassy Cafe + Bakery serves Eastern and Western simple, healthy and hearty meals including fine cakes and bread. The Embassy is a family friendly, PORK FREE and WIFI enabled.

The Embassy Cafe Address
Level 2, The Starling Mall, Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Uptown
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
The Embassy Cafe Facebook

Inspired by the warmth and gracious hospitality of embassies from around the world, The Embassy café seeks to bring the exciting spirit of the journey, adventure, friendship and comfort through its food and interior space.

With a nature theme and the signature usage of lines in the interior design, The Embassy infuses natural clean lines that symbolise the fluidity of time, space and evolution that connects all of us in our daily journey and adventure. The Embassy offers cuisine from East & West that blends a culinary combination of something for everybody on one menu.

Our review started off with an order of the cool Iced Mocha RM 14.00 which is matched with our breakfast set.

The Breakfast set that we ordered to taste is the Ambassador's Big Breakfast  RM 28.00. Our orders came with 2 sunny sides up, toasted sourdough; with 2 pieces of hash brown, beef bacon, chicken bratwurst, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and baked beans.

Next; we decided to order a salad which is the Oriental Grilled Ribeye Salad RM 24.00. This salad is a little heavy as it comes with streaks of grill rib-eye that is accompanied with fresh leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber and cilantro served with sesame-soy dressing. A balance salad which can easily be a meal for small eaters.

Next, comes the mains which I ordered the SynFull Roast Chicken for a half chicken portion (RM 35.00). For the smaller eater, you can order the quarter chicken set (RM26.00). You can see that this is a real treat as the skin was a roast to a nice crisp while the meat was still juicy and succulent. We can taste the strong flavor of the spices and herbs marinade that was imbued into the meat. This wholesome meal is served with seasonal vegetables, rosemary butter potatoes and served with a creamy mushroom sauce.

For those that loves the carbs; can order a pasta which we had is the Carbonara (RM 22.00). For those that loves the cheesy feel of the Carbonara sauce will attest to this dish. The pasta was cooked with a smooth cheesy cream sauce,  mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and topped with beef bacon. I am not a big fan of pasta, but this one hit the right note for me.

Our last main was the Embassy Nasi Istimewa RM 28.00. Here at Embassy, they do provide a number of local delights. Apparently, the recipe of these dishes is from one of the owner's mothers which she has meticulously trained the chef to cook it at close as possible to her recipe. This Nasi Istimewa is served with the Ayam Pindang together with fried rice, anchovies, Tempe Sambal, fried cabbage, Papadams, Kerabu Mangga and topped with sunny side egg. I would have preferred the dish served with plain white rice, as it will be more tasteful.

By the time we tasted the last mains, we were too full to even order our dessert.

The Embassy Cafe Location Address Map

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant @ Jalan Raja Chulan Kuala Lumpur - Omakase Fine Dining

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is a Pork Free Japanese Restaurant that prides itself in serving its dishes with No MSG and No Preservatives. All the cooking are cook ala-minute i.e. when one places an order. This ensures the customers get to enjoy the finest food straight from the kitchen. Naturally, there is some waiting time that you have to pre-allocate when dining at the restaurant.

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Address
No.84, Ground Floor, Annex, Jalan Raja Chulan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A norm in the operation of Cocotei is to bring the in-season fresh ingredient that is air-flown in from Japan; this is the closest dining experience out of Japan that you can get. You can expect that the Omakase Set that is being offered; are change on a weekly basis.

The Chef cum owner has a history of more than 25 years of serving fine Japanese cuisine, having served under the tutelage of Japanese fine dining culinary master for many years before venturing out on his own.

As the season of Spring has just started in Japan and Sakura flowers are in full bloom, today our culinary experience revolves around the Sakura Omakase (7 courses) Set. Starting out is the Zensai Santen  - a combo of 3 specially crafted Japanese appetiser which is the Hotaru Ika (Baby Squid), Tofu Miso Yaki and the Okura Ikura Ai - a special homemade slices of okra with a special sauce topped with Salmon Fish Roe that gives an elements of salty bursting taste to this appetizer.

Next on the course is the Sashimi Moriawase, we were served the current in-season special which is the Tobiuo (Flying fish) as the main sashimi paired with the Kanpachi (Yellow Tail), Akamai (Tuna) and the ever popular Sake (Salmon). The freshest and best cut to the right thickness of this sashimi platter was a real treat.

This is then followed by the Potato Manju - This is a very popular dish in Shinjuku Japan and it was concocted after Chef Coco Tan during one of his pilgrimage to Japan where he was intrigued by the flavours and texture of this dish. In Japan, the filling used is Pork but since Cocotei Japanese Restaurant is a Pork-free restaurant, he uses the chicken as the filling. This marinade chicken filling is then wrapped with a silky smooth potato which has a texture reminiscent to the smashed potatoes and broiled with a Dashi broth.

For the grilled item, we were served the Ebi Kimmiyaki (Grilled Prawn With Egg Yolk). Love the prawn meat that was grilled to the right charred that retains the firm bouncy texture of the meat.

The next dish is another version of Tempura which is not very familiar in Malaysia, This is the called the Arare Age Moriawase. This version of Tempura uses tiny Baked Rice Crackers as its batter instead of the Tempura powder. We love the crispy Rice Crackers as it gives out a nice crunchy feel to each bite. There is four variety which was served to us, which is the Deep-fried Scallop, Crab Stick, Fish Fillet and Egg Plant.

The dipping sauce for this dish is either the special Shoyu dipping sauce or the special Japanese Salt.

The last course before dessert is the Sushi Moriawase which consists of the Salmon Mentai Sushi (Sliced Salmon topped with Mentai sauce), Negitoro Gunkan Maki (finely chopped raw tuna) and the Nianago Sushi(sea eel).

This Sushi Moriawase set is served with Kinoko Miso Shiru (mushroom miso soups). We love this strongly flavoured mushroom soup as the Chef has used a combination of the few type of mushroom to gives it a strong taste, flavours, and aroma.

For dessert, we were served the Domyoji Age (Japanese Sweet Pink Coloured Red Bean Rice Cake). A truly satisfying end to this special fine dining experience at Cocotei Tokyo Cuisine.

Cocotei Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Address & Location Map

Friday, 7 April 2017

FREE Accounting Software For Startups, Micro and Small Business - Financio Cloud Based Accounting System

One of the hurdles to success for entrepreneurs, regardless of how viable their business, is being able to properly manage the financial side of the business. With the launch of a new accounting automation software called Financio, things can be a lot easier.

Developed by Asian Business Software Solutions Sdn Bhd (ABSS) – a subsidiary of Censof Holdings Bhd that was acquired in 2015 – with startups, micro and small businesses in mind, Financio is suitable for users with little or no accounting knowledge, to manage their accounts with little or no outside help.

“Many startups and small businesses cannot afford or see the need for an accountant in the early stages. This is a risk as they can lose track of their financials and performance because they are flying blind and cannot be in control of a business if they don’t know what is going on,” said ABSS Chief Executive Officer Paul Conway at the launch of Financio in Kuala Lumpur today.

Financio is designed to be used by non-accountants, it is user-friendly and does not require any accounting knowledge to operate. It also allows the sender and recipient of the transaction to communicate and share documents on the same platform.

“And because micro and small businesses are crucial to local economies by generating income for families while creating job, products, and services, ABSS is also offering the basic version of Financio for FREE, for life, as our contribution to society,” he added.

It basically takes away most of the bookkeeping process from the business, and all users need to do is put in the sales and purchase figures. The system will do the rest such as double entries, generate reports and tax records.

Users can track sales and purchases and miscellaneous transactions, automatically generate financial reports and tax records, also automatically forward transactions to recipients via email and inventory tracking.

Financio also offers multi-currency support, real-time backup, Malaysian GST support, file storage for attachments to transactions and, because it is Cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere.

“There’s even a feature called ‘Financio Connect’ that allows businesses to connect with one another, just like adding a friend on social media, and once a connection between two businesses has been established, it works seamlessly by allowing transactions to be sent across to each other as well as communicate on a single platform,” said ABSS Chief Technology Officer (Cloud) Jye Eng.

“We realized that the younger generation is becoming the main driver of the country’s economy, they tend to be more IT savvy, willing to try new things, and want to have a clearer picture of their business’ finance and access their data anywhere they go,” added Eng.

Users can try Financio for free and use the full function-rich premium version with a low entry cost of RM32.95 a month or RM329.50 a year.

The launch version is in English, with the Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions to be launched by the 2nd quarter of 2017.

“Micro and Small businesses make up 97% of the SMEs in Malaysia. We target to get 20 per cent of them or about 125,000 users by March 2018, and in 2017 we will be introducing Financio into Singapore by June and into Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia by September” said Conway.